Photo creditsAlasdair Jardine
LocationHeilbronn, Germany

The property known as the ›Äckerle‹ stands on the edge of Heilbronn, surrounded by orchards and vineyards. The big garden’s name has a long history and reveals its Swabian origins. The treehouse was a gift from the client to her husband and was to be integrated into a large pear tree at the western end of the property. The client also wanted a comfortable staircase and a spacious terrace. The treehouse’s design is characterised by a dynamic vocabulary and a spiral-shaped arrangement of the main construction elements around the old fruit tree. The stairs, the terrace and the front part of the treehouse cabin are completely attached to the tree by means of flexible hangers. Two conically shaped stabiliser links secure the rear part of the treehouse and ensure that the pear tree is not overloaded. A double flight of stairs – also of conical shape – lead to the main terrace, 3.5 m above the ground.

At the special request of the client, part of the terrace can be dropped, so that practice golf balls can be hit from here to the adjacent lawn area. A small staircase leads to the treehouse cabin.

The construction, made of indigenous larch, is insulated on all sides and fitted with an upholstered sleeping and seating area. None of the wall or ceiling surfaces are at right angles to each other. The windows on the southwest side are equipped with sunshade elements and prevent the small room from overheating. At the end of the bed area, the corner is generously glazed, affording a view of the vineyards in the eastern part of the valley – a spellbinding sight about which the viewer can easily wax lyrical.

Trees a large pear tree
Height 4 m
Bearing structure Suspension by means of steel cables and textile straps on the pear tree; part of the treehouse’s weight is held by two flexibly mounted stabiliser links.
Interior area 8,6 qm
Terrace area 12,4 qm
Façade construction from inside to outside: 20 mm larch boarding, tongue and groove, untreated; 20 mm plywood; 60 mm mineral insulation; wind foil; 20 mm air space; 25 mm larch battens

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