Treehouse Louisa

Photo creditsAndreas Wenning
LocationFrankfurt, Germany

„Louisa” is the historic name of a private park in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen. It therefore seemed only natural to give the new treehouse this poetic name. Extensive gardens with large villas and old trees are typical of this elegant Frankfurt district. In the clients’ spacious garden, with its many magnificent trees, the treehouse could have been sited in any one of several different places. The decision was made to locate it in a large, well-sized beech on a hillock, within clear eyeshot of the main house.

The design comprises a two-level terrace construction and a treehouse with an arched façade of larch shingles. The first terrace is reached via a steep staircase, from where there is an easier stairway to the treehouse’s second level. The special effect of the interior space is achieved through its vaulted shape and the enchanting view of the park through the large arched windows. Those who want to go even higher can climb up to a viewing platform over the terrace, eight metres above the ground.

Trees a beech
Height situated in the height of 3.5 m and 4.5 m, the highest plattform in the height of 7,8 m.
Bearing structure Suspension from the beech by means of steel cables and textile straps; part of the weight rests on two flexibly mounted stabiliser supports
Interior area 9,6 qm
Terrace area 16,4 qm
Façade construction from inside to outside: 20 mm larch boarding, tongue and groove, untreated; rounded steel frame with flanking wooden arches of glued wood; 60 mm mineral insulation; 20 mm fir boarding; rubber sealing; 20 mm air space; larch shingles

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