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The dimensions and the height of the treehouse depend on the stability and health of the tree. Sometimes it is better to anchor the treehouse to two or more trees rather than a single one. Your treehouse can have a horizontal or upright design, with two or more levels, or even consist of several interconnected constructions at different heights.
Interior fittings and facilitiesMost of our treehouses are units about the size of a small caravan. The treehouse cabin, including the interior fittings, is prefabricated at the workshop.

The cabin structure can be insulated, wired and fitted with built-in furniture according to the dimensions of the treehouse. The interior surfaces are optionally built of solid wood, textile or synthetic materials. We offer a wide range of different interior fittings such as seating and reclining areas, plenty of storage space, a mini-kitchen, heating, lighting, entertainment electronics like hi-fi or a flatscreen tv, a minibar and windows facing in all directions. The installation of sanitary ware depends on the height of the treehouse and availability of water supply and sewage disposal features on your property.
Installation without injuring the treeThe chief concern thereby is to handle the trees and their surroundings with the utmost care, ensuring their protection and preservation. The treehouses are not anchored with bolts or nails or any other techniques which might injure the trees, but rather with materials such as strong textile belts and adjustable steel cables that do not harm the trees at all. This method does not damage the bark and protects the trunk and branches from fungal infestation. The belts allow the tree unrestricted flexibility and growth. Thanks to the steel cables the construction can be mounted and adjusted quickly.
Materials and sustainabilityAs a rule we use larch wood for the outside surface of the cabin but it is also possible to use other wood such as oak or Oregon pine, or other materials like light metal, textiles or even synthetic materials.

The material we mainly use is domestic timber with its excellent properties like sustainability, water resistance and its colour. We also offer FSC-certified tropical wood. The exterior and interior surfaces can be left natural or oiled, waxed, scumbled or varnished. Whichever your choice, a wide range of ecologically sound products is available. The treehouse can also be insulated using natural insulating materials such as wood fibreboard, sheep’s-wool panels, or coconut fibre matting.
What types of trees are needed?
What happens if there are no suitable trees on the property?
We design and build treehouses in all types of trees, but they must be healthy and robust. Suitable trees are for example oaks, lime trees, ash trees, beeches, chestnuts, old fruit trees, cedars, pines and firs.

Sometimes it is better to anchor the treehouse to two or more trees rather than a single one. We use techniques that do not harm the tree at all. If the tree/s cannot carry the full weight of the treehouse, we can use additional supports. Depending on the structure of the trees, the weight of the terrace and the cabin are entirely or partly borne by the tree/s by means of strong textile belts and adjustable steel cables. If there is no suitable, healthy tree available it is possible to simply build the treehouse on stilts between the trees.
Planning and building legislationTreehouses – if they are professionally built and larger in size than children’s constructions - are considered as buildings. This means that they are subject to the same building legislation as other buildings. The regulations are different in every country and sometimes even vary from one region to the next. It is therefore advisable to ask your local authorities or an architect with knowledge of the pertinent local legislation. We recommend however that you contact us before doing so.
CostsThe prices of our treehouses depend on the requirements of the client, the local conditions and the kind and standard of construction. We have no price list because all of our designs are individual and custom-built to suit local conditions.

Small treehouses with insulation and windows are available for € 10.000. The treehouses shown on our website with a higher standart cost between € 18.000 and € 120.000. The prices include design, materials, assembly and interior furnishing.
Treehouses with a more simple standard, are also possible.
Planning procedureThe first step is a consultation by telephone and an expertise of the health of the tree. To make the procedure easier it is helpful to get as much information as possible with regard to the customer’s wishes, the property and the trees.

In a second step we draw up a concept and a preliminary design which we present to the clients. Depending on where you live, we can work together with local companies to build your treehouse. A treehouse fully prefabricated in Germany is a choice that is often preferred.
At the client’s property the terrace is mounted first, then the prebuilt treehouse is lifted by crane onto the construction. To realize a baumraum-project it takes – depending on the country, the location of the property and our workload – between 3 and 7 months.

Please feel free to consult us at baumraum without any obligations.
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